1. When can I upgrade? And how much will it cost?

Windows 10 launches tonight, July 28 at 9 p.m. PT. It'll be free for one year, for anyone running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. If you're running an earlier version of Windows or don't upgrade by that time, you'll be able to pick up Windows 10 Home for $119, and Windows 10 Pro for $199.

Windows 10728日晚太平洋时间9点开始更新。只要你的系统是Windows7Windows8.1,就能在一年内免费升级。如果你使用的是更早版本的系统,或是没有在一年内更新,那么也可以花119美元购买Windows 10家庭版,或199美元购买Windows 10专业版。
If you've reserved your free copy of Windows 10, you'll get a notification when Windows 10 is ready to be installed, and have the option to schedule your installation for the most appropriate time for you.

如果你预定了免费的Windows 10,那么Windows 10安装准备就绪时会提示你,你可以选择在最合适的时候更新你的系统。

2. I've got a desktop, a tablet, and am considering a Windows Phone. How will that work?
我已经有一台台式机,一部平板,而且我还考虑买一部Windows Phone,它们会怎么运行呢?

Microsoft's ultimate goal is to make Windows 10 the sole operating system powering all of your devices, and Continuum is the driving force behind that. Windows 10 knows when you're interacting with a keyboard and mouse or using a touchscreen and will react accordingly. If you're using a keyboard and mouse, you'll be treated to the standard Windows experience. If you're on a tablet, you'll encounter fullscreen apps and a finger-friendly Start menu. Pop off the keyboard on a two-in-one device like the Surface Pro 3, and the interface will smoothly transform into tablet mode -- if you want it to, of course.

微软的最终目标是让Windows 10成为你所有设备上唯一的操作系统,而Continuum是这些背后的驱动力。无论你用的是键盘鼠标,还是触摸屏,Windows 10都能知道并据此做出不同反应。如果你用的是键盘鼠标,那你就可以按照标准的Windows系统来使用;如果你用的是平板,那你就相当于在使用全屏应用,开始菜单也会调整为适合触控操作的模式。当你在使用像Surface Pro 3这样二合一的设备时,如果你取掉键盘,那界面会自然地转变成平板模式——当然,如果你想要如此的话。

The situation on phones is a little different, as there will be a Windows 10 Mobile. But Microsoft has also shown Windows Phones that transform into PCs once a mouse and keyboard are connected -- there's no word on when we'll see that capability on Windows Phones.

由于会推出Windows 10 Mobile,手机的情况又有所不同。不过微软也展示了Windows Phone在连接上鼠标和键盘之后可以转化为PC模式,但是我们什么时候能够体验这种功能还尚不清楚。

3. What about apps?

Microsoft wants you to be able to buy an app from the Windows Store once, and expect it to run on all of your devices. These universal apps will then adopt whatever form is appropriate for the device you're using, whether you're on a tablet or a PC. We've already seen a taste of this with Microsoft's Office suite, which is the full Office experience in a format that's appropriate for your device. I wouldn't recommend editing spreadsheets on your smartphone, but it works, and you'll have all of Excel (and PowerPoint, and Word, and the rest) at your disposal.


4. Those full-screen 'Modern' apps were a pain. What ever happened to them?
那些全屏的Modern APP让人头疼,它们要怎么办?

Those touch-friendly, full-screen apps that debuted with Windows 8 were alternately known as the "Metro" or "Modern" design. With Windows 10, full-screen apps are optional. Let's say you're using a convertible 2-in-1 device, like the Surface Pro 3. Thanks to Continuum, when the keyboard is docked you'll see the standard desktop with Windows 10's "new" old-school Start menu. Once you take the device off of the keyboard base, the OS allows you to switch to the finger-friendly tablet mode Windows 8 users are likely familiar with.

这些适合触控操作的全屏应用跟随Windows 8一起出现,曾被成为MetroModern设计。加入你使用Surface Pro 3之类的二合一设备时,多亏了Continuum,当连接键盘时,你看到的是标准桌面和Windows 10改良后的经典开始菜单。当你拿走键盘,操作系统能够切换到适合触控的平板模式,Windows 8用户可能对这种模式更熟悉。

5. I actually liked those Modern apps, and bought a few. What happens now?
事实上,我挺喜欢那些Modern APP的,我还购买了一些,现在要怎么办?

Existing Modern apps take advantage of Windows 10's Continuum automatically, so you'll have little to worry about there. When you're in tablet mode they'll behave like they always have. If you're in desktop mode, they'll convert into a normal windowed app that you can drag around at your leisure.


6. And the Start menu?

If you hated Windows 8's full-screen Start screen, you're in luck: the new Start menu harkens back to the good old days, sitting on the left side of the screen and presenting that familiar pop-up column of shortcuts. And if you liked Windows 8's approach, there's something here for you, too: the new menu will incorporate Live Tiles and can be customized.


Continuum means you get the best of both worlds, as you can jump between tablet and desktop modes on the fly. And if you never want to see that full screen start menu again, there's an option for that too.


7. Is Internet Explorer still around?

Yes and no. Internet Explorer remains a part of Windows for compatibility reasons, but it's been replaced by a brand-new browser, called Microsoft Edge. The browser will offer all of the amenities we've come to expect from modern browsers, including support for extensions, a reading mode that strips websites down to their bare essentials, and a new rendering engine that's appreciably zippy while you're browsing the Web.

可以说有,也可以说没有。出于兼容性的原因,IE浏览器仍是Windows的一部分。但它被名为Microsoft Edge的全新浏览器所取代。该浏览器提供了现代浏览器的所有优点,包括支持扩展、去掉网站非必要信息的阅读模式、以及上网更快速的新渲染引擎。

And there are a few new tricks baked in, too. Microsoft's Virtual Assistant Cortana will drop suggestions into the address bar as you search, and gather important details on business and restaurant websites into a sidebar. Click the Web Note button, and you'll be able to annotate what you're looking at and share your notes via email, or through OneNote.

除此之外还有其他新的优势。微软虚拟语音助手可以在搜索的时候把建议显示到地址栏,也可以把重要的商务和酒店网站收集到侧边栏,点击Web Note这个按钮,你就能给你浏览的内容做备注,还可以通过电子邮件或OneNote分享你的笔记。

8. Will Windows 10 run on my machine?
我的设备可以运行Windows 10?

If your PC is only a few years old and you're already running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you should be fine. The minimum requirements for Windows 10 are a 1GHz processor, at least 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of hard drive space.

如果你的电脑才刚买几年,使用的系统是Windows7Windows8.1,那就没问题。运行Windows 10的最低配置要求是处理器1GHz,内存1GB以上,硬盘空间至少16GB