Copying and pasting on macOS
On macOS, there are two commands – pbcopy and pbpaste which leverage the system’s clipboard.
The pbcopy command puts input into the clipboard.
pbcopy “some text”

Piping output works surprisingly well:
ps aux | pbcopy
If you want to print the clipboard’s content all you need to do is run pbpaste.
Let’s say you want to copy and execute the file’s content. Of course, you may just use source but for the sake of this tutorial let’s assume that scenario.
First, create a file:
cat > <<EOF
echo “hello world”
Then you can copy its content with pbcopy:
pbcopy <

The last step is to execute the clipboard’s content:
pbpaste | zsh
Copying and pasting on Linux 在Linux的用法,自己建个命令链接:
You can create pbcopy and pbpaste commands on Linux. All you need to do is to add those two lines to the ~/.bashrc file and restart your terminal:
alias pbcopy=’xsel –clipboard –input’
alias pbpaste=’xsel –clipboard –output’
And… that’s it! I hope that those two commands will enhance your experience with the CLI.