3月 15 2018

CentOS/RHEL 6/7 升级PHP版本 version 5.4 到 5.6

For CentOS/RHEL 7:

# rpm -Uvh
# rpm -Uvh
For CentOS/RHEL 6:

# rpm -Uvh
For CentOS/RHEL 5:

# rpm -Uvh
After installing Webtatic yum repository, you have to remove the old version of php-common package. It will also delete it dependencies packages.
# yum remove php-common

yum install -y php56w php56w-opcache php56w-xml php56w-mcrypt php56w-gd php56w-devel php56w-mysql php56w-intl php56w-mbstring php56w-fpm php56w-common php56w-soap

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